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a hex, just a hex - The Price of Faith [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
In the center of the storm

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a hex, just a hex [Oct. 15th, 2004|05:19 pm]
In the center of the storm



[Blaise stumbles a bit, too busy thinking and not really paying attention to where he's going. He's not sure what hex Draco just hit him with, but if it had been meant for Harry he knows it can't be good. He swallows, wondering if he's going to wake up tomorrow morning with green hair or boils all over his face, and knocks as he lets himself into Severus' office.] Professor? [He calls, voice a little shaky.]

[Severus looks up from his book, his forehead wrinkled slightly in concern] Yes Blaise?

[Blaise frowns, brows drawing together. He feels dizzier now than he had been, putting his hand on the wall to steady himself.] I just. Got... Hit with something... [He murmurs, wondering why he's trembling so hard.]

[Severus drops the book, and goes to Blaise, putting a hand beneath Blaise's arm to steady him] What happened?

[Blaise gasps, eyes wide with surprise as he looks up into Severus' face, stunned. He tries to answer, he really does, but finds himself pressing forward and shyly pushing his mouth against Severus' instead.]

[Severus' breath hitches slightly and he pulls back, dropping his grip on Blaise's arm.] That was not the answer I asked for, I believe.

[Blaise looks startled, eyes a little wild, and whines slightly as he presses forward again, presses his mouth more firmly against Severus' and gripping the taller man's robes.]

[Severus raises his hands to Blaise's face and pulls back, keeping his hands in place.] Now, tell me what happened, so I can fix it.

[Blaise whines again, fingers clenching in Severus' robes as he tries to pull the other man back to him. Breathless,] I don't know. I don't know, I just want to kiss you. Please. [Tilting his face up as much as he can in Severus' hands, offering,] Please...

[Severus pauses] What was the last thing you did before coming here?

[Blaise closes his eyes, licking his lips and honestly trying to think through the haze of his senses. He's not really sure about anything anymore, just knows that he wants to - needs to - kiss Severus. His hands start petting at the other man's chest, lower body pressing close even as Severus holds his face away,] I. [Frowning a little and squirming,] Potter and Draco. They were fighting. I -- [He breaks off, whining.]

Sssh, I've got you. [Severus leans closer and nibbles on Blaise's bottom lip] They were fighting, and?

[Blaise moans softly, some of the tension going out of his shoulders at the contact as his hands slide up, running over Severus' cheeks and neck.] I tried to stop them. [Gasping lightly, hips shifting against Severus',] Please, I. I tried...

Ah, I see. [Severus strokes a hand through Blaise's hair] I assume it was Draco, then?

[Blaise presses against Severus' palm, nuzzling his wrist and lightly scraping the thin skin with his teeth. Swallowing,] I stepped in front of Potter. I. [Swallowing again and shifting against Severus, causing the man's hand to return to his cheek and rubbing his face against it,] I felt fine until. Until I got here.

I see. [Severus tilts Blaise's head slightly, pressing light kisses against his mouth] Do you remember what he said?

[Whimpering, Blaise parts his lips slightly, thumbs brushing over Severus' cheekbones.] It was. Too fast, [He breathes, desperately trying to think, trying to replay the memory so Severus won't stop touching him,] Something ‘amore’...

Mmhmm. [Severus kisses Blaise lightly again] Italian? Spanish? Latin?

[Sliding his hands back into Severus' hair, tangling them at the nape of the taller man's neck,] I... It might. Might have been. 'Amorous...' [Then trying to think, trying not to shift his hips against Severus' and demand more,] Not. Not Spanish.

[Severus sighs] the Malfoy’s have always had a disgusting amount of spells in their library. It sounds more Latin than Italian, however. [Severus pauses, absently stroking Blaise's cheek with his fingertips] And it didn't affect you until you got here?

No, [Blaise murmurs, eyes trained on Severus' face. He's realized, by now, that it's a hex. Realized that he shouldn't ask for more, that Severus is only playing along in an attempt to find the answer. It doesn't change the fact that he still wants desperately to kiss Severus, that he wants Severus to want to kiss him back - though he thinks that's his own desires talking and not the spell. Softly, voice sad,] I'm sorry.

[Severus frowns] There's no need to be sorry, Blaise.

[Blaise has to stop himself then, stop himself from saying a million things. Things like, 'This isn't how I wanted this to happen,' 'I want you to kiss me even when I'm not hexed,' and 'Please kiss me again.' He whines slightly, unable to stop the noise from slipping through, and shifts his hips against Severus', eyes sliding closed as he murmurs,] I know. I know you probably don't like me. Like me touching you. [He’s trembling again, both from the force of holding back and his own tangled emotions.]

[Sternly] You're hexed, Blaise. Now, I'm going to let you go, and you're going to step out into the corridor, and I will find the cure to this. All right?

[Blaise starts trembling harder, nodding and hoping fervently that, when Severus lets him go, he won't try to kiss him again. He slides his hands back down Severus' chest, preparing for the break of contact.]

[Severus takes a breath (after all, one doesn't get a nubile young boy molesting him every day) and drops his hands, turning to go to his books.]

[Blaise cries out at the loss of contact, taking a step toward Severus, fingers brushing the fabric at the back of his robes before he bites down hard on his lower lip and turns, running from the room.]

[Severus picks through several of his books, writing down a list of possibilities. Calling through the door, he says] Could it have been Absconditus Amorous?

[Blaise calls,] Yes, could have been... [Through the door, frowning and blushing as he hopes he's translating it wrong.]

Perhaps Creptio?

[Blaise frowns, nodding, voice a little whinier than he'd like,] Yes, actually. Yes, I think that's it.

[Vaguely troubled] I might have the counter here, if it is indeed the correct spell.

[Noting the odd sound of Severus' voice,] It's just a counterspell, right?

[Severus sighs] Not... exactly.

What. [He sighs, unsure he wants to know. Leaning his forehead against the door,] What is it, then?

In order to, ah. Counteract this new, ah, amorousness you have for me, you need to. ah.

Yes? [Blaise squeaks.]

You must. ah. Complete enough of its objective that it becomes inactive.

[Blaise blinks, trying to work that through. Mumbled to himself,] Complete enough of it's... objective? [Then, blinking,] What?!

Ah. Yes. You might as well come back in.

[Blaise is blushing bright red as he cracks open the door and peers around it.]

[Severus pushes his book toward Blaise] You may read it if you wish.

[Blaise shakes his head, looking torn.] I trust you. I. I can't come close or I'll... [Looking desperate, swallowing,] You know.

[Severus gets up and purposely moves further away, gesturing at the book.] You do, of course, realize that afterward we must speak to the headmaster.

[Blaise blushes more, coming about half-way into the room before stopping. Torn between reading the book and kissing Severus he says, startled] Why?!

Because, Blaise, we must inform him of the hex, and further more, our efforts to counter it.

You mean, [He says slowly, chewing his lip,] We have to tell him I. That I. Kissed you?

[Severus is torn between being amused and being surprised, and nods] Yes. Or if you would rather not accompany me, I understand.

I don't want you to get into trouble, [Blaise says in a rush, taking a step towards Severus before making himself stop.]

And I cannot simply kiss a student--for whatever reasons-- without informing the headmaster. As it is, your...condition is abnormal, I'm fairly certain that both of our actions would be dismissed.

[Blaise chews his lip harder, nodding.] I won't make you go alone, [He says softly.]

[Severus nods] Very well. Read the passage, and then we'll. ah. Commence.

[Blaise swallows, forcing himself to walk to the table and read. His cheeks are flushed again by the time he's finished and he turns to look at Severus, saying inanely,] I do find you attractive, Sir.

Ah. I shall speak to Madam Pomfrey about testing your eyesight, then. Perhaps a complete physical would be more apt.

[Blaise laughs breathily, shaking his head and taking a step forward,] That. Isn't necessary, sir. You just. Don't give yourself enough credit. I. [Frowning a little,] I'm sorry if I am not so ... adequate.

You are. ah. More than adequate, actually. [to himself] and I should not have said that.

[Blaise shuffles closer, trying to keep hope out of his eyes,] I. [A breath,] I'm glad I don't displease you.

You, ah. Don't. [Severus hesitantly gestures Blaise closer.]

[Blaise's breathing speeds up the closer he comes. He's only an arms length from Severus now and the trembling is setting back in, licking his lips,] I'm. sorry if I... ...I've never. Kissed anyone ... before. [He says with some difficulty, blush spreading down his neck.]

I. ah. believe you already have. kissed me, just a moment ago. Or does that not count?

No, I. [He frowns, coming closer as he thinks it out,] I'm. Apologizing for then as much as. As now.

[Severus steps closer, and tilts Blaise's head up.] Apology accepted. [Taking a breath, he presses his mouth to Blaise's.]

[Blaise whimpers, body feeling heavy and warm as he presses against Severus, hands going up around the taller man's neck again. He parts his lips, asking, and breathes Severus' name against the other man's mouth.]

[Severus stills at the sound of his name and then raises one hand to the nape of Blaise's neck, the other hand pulling his wand out of his robes. He locks the door with a sharp flick of his wrist and sets his wand on the bookshelf he's closest to. He hesitantly wraps his arm around Blaise's waist, his hand resting lightly on the small of Blaise's back.]

[Blaise makes an encouraging noise in the back of his throat, pressing closer to Severus and rising up on his tip-toes trying to make things easier. He threads his fingers through Severus' hair, petting lightly.]

[He pulls Blaise closer, motions a little stiff and awkward, and brushes his mouth lightly over Blaise's again.]

Please, [Blaise whispers, not wanting Severus to be uncomfortable. He wants Severus to enjoy it, though he knows that would be too much to ask for, and hesitantly moves his mouth against the other man's.]

[Severus breaths a sigh, tilting Blaise’s head up slightly before nibbling on his (THOROUGHLY DELECTABLE) bottom lip.]

[Blaise's lips fall open, tongue darting out to flick curiously against Severus' teeth.]

[Severus parts his mouth slightly, tongue darting out hesitantly to meet Blaise's.]

[Gasping lightly, Blaise runs his tongue against Severus', hoping he'll be able to remember the way the man tastes. He shifts, running his hands down Severus' neck, fingers dipping below the collar of his robes.]

[Severus takes a quick breath, the hand on Blaise's neck moving up into the boy's hair. His hand on Blaise's back moves in slow, soothing circles as he slides his tongue against Blaise's teeth.]

[Blaise shivers lightly, pressing closer as he parts his lips for Severus, whimpering,] More... [Softly into Severus' mouth.]

[Another slight intake of air, and he cards a hand through Blaise's hair, cupping the boy's head as he presses closer. He slides his tongue against Blaise's in a gentle caress.]

[Blaise presses his fingers into the warm skin below Severus' collar, thumbs stroking lightly where neck meets shoulder. He shifts, hips pressing against Severus' as he tries to get more leverage, tries to get as close as he can, opening his mouth wider.]

[Severus' hand clamps instinctively on Blaise's back as he deepens the kiss. He shivers slightly and tilts his head for a better angle, his tongue meeting Blaise's with far more confidence than he'd been showing previously.]

[Blaise whimpers, pressing closer and trying not to rub against Severus' (ALL TOO TEMPTING) body. He's flushing hotly, tongue sliding against Severus' before his sucks lightly, curious.]

[Severus trembles, a small moan escaping him as his hand slides up Blaise's back. He flicks his tongue against Blaise's teasingly, urging the boy closer before sucking on Blaise's tongue (after all, turnabout is fair play.)]

[Whining, Blaise presses himself flush up against Severus, trembling himself. He slides his hands up, pushing them through Severus' hair again as he rubs against the man, hoping to make him make that sound again.]

[Showing monumental self-restraint, Severus breaks the kiss. His voice is husky] How are you feeling?

[Blaise makes a sound somewhere between a growl and a whine, eyelids fluttering open before falling almost-closed again. Hips hitching against Severus', he tugs at the man's hair, trying to pull Severus' mouth back to his,] More.

[Severus allows Blaise to pull him back down, pressing small, teasing kisses to the corner of Blaise's mouth.]

[Blaise does whine then, practically trying to crawl up Severus' body. Gasped,] Don't. Don't tease me.

[Gasped out] I apologize.[Severus presses closer again, tugging Blaise's bottom lip with his teeth before flicking his tongue across the crease of Blaise's mouth.]

[Blaise moans softly as Severus' bites into his lip, whispering shyly,] Will you. [Shifting, pressing closer,] Harder?

[Severus murmurs assent, trailing his mouth across Blaise’s cheek. He pauses to suck at Blaise's earlobe before exploring Blaise's neck. He pushes Blaise's collar askew and bites hard at the juncture of his neck and shoulder.]

[Blaise moans loudly, biting into his lower lip to keep from saying Severus' name. His whole body tenses before going slack and still in Severus' arms, his entire consciousness centered on that circle of painpleasure.]

[Severus purrs, sucking at the spot before biting again]

Sev-- [Slips out before Blaise manages to stop himself, hips shifting against Severus' again as his head falls back.]

[The sound of his name jolts him, and he reluctantly releases the flesh he had been biting.] Are you all right?

Yes, [Blaise whimpers, swaying forward and pressing his face to Severus' neck. Their height difference makes it awkward but he wants skin. He nuzzles, tongue darting out to lick at the hollow of Severus' throat. Rough, face heating,] I liked it.

[His breath hitches a little, and he clears his throat. Weaker than he would like, he asks] And the hex?

[Hands skimming down Severus' sides, Blaise fists his hands in the fabric of the taller man's robes. Soft, sighed,] You'll stop...

[Gently, he runs a hand through Blaise's hair.] Yes, Blaise. I will.

I don't want you too, [He says softly, face heating. He doesn't know why he can't stop himself from speaking, why he can't make himself pull away. This is just too close to what he's always wanted, what he never thought he could have.] K... Kiss me again?

[Severus stares impassively at Blaise.]

[Blaise stills, lower lip trembling slightly as he tells himself he will not cry. That tears are pointless and unnecessary. He forces himself to pull away, face red as he shifts his clothing back into place. Barely audible,] I'm sorry. I'm sorry... [He takes a hitching breath,] I. I'll go back to my dorm, now.

[Severus nods slowly, tugging his own clothes smooth.] Perhaps you should.

[Blaise nods, unable to look at Severus. Soft,] Goodnight.

[Unable to look at Blaise, Severus nods] Good night.

[Blaise walks to the door, looking over his shoulder and murmuring,] Thank you, [Before leaving.]